EX3 – Extras

These extras are some things, such as printable cards, that I hope will enhance your game of Exalted 3rd edition. To start with, there’s not much, but I have some …

Tick Wheel

I want to talk a bit more about this version of the Tick Wheel I made. I got this idea yesterday and naturally wanted to make it a reality. One …

EX2 – Extras for v4

Sometimes I make extra stuff for the character sheet. If you’re printing, you can replace certain pages with these optional ones by skipping the pages you don’t want. Or maybe …

Scion – Extras for v3

Scion v3 – APP – ES | Scion v3 – Expanded Boons – ES Scion v3 – Expanded Combat – ES | Scion v3 – Expanded Knacks – ES Scion v3 – …

Scion – Extra Stuff

Additional resources for Scion. These pages fit the first version of the character sheets I made. scion_addon_sheet_skari scion_bw_charsheet_selectedpages_skari scion_combat_reference_editable_skari scion_geasa_sheet_skari

WoD – Extras

Interactive cards for Weapons and Merits, both from the main book but editable so you can add your own. WoD Weapons Cards | WoD Merits Cards NPC sheet for Storytellers. wod_npc_skari

L5R – Extras

Intended as an improvised GM screen, but works well as a handout for players L5R4_GM_Screen_4_pages_ooe | L5R4_GM_Screen_4_pages_v2_ooe NPC sheets for the GM l5r4_2_npc_sheet | l5r4_2_npc_sheet_editable