L5R – Extras

Intended as an improvised GM screen, but works well as a handout for players L5R4_GM_Screen_4_pages_ooe | L5R4_GM_Screen_4_pages_v2_ooe NPC sheets for the GM l5r4_2_npc_sheet | l5r4_2_npc_sheet_editable

L5R – Character Sheets

l5r4_char_sheet_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_big_ooe Clan-focused character sheets, adding the clan emblem to the sheet. l5r4_char_sheet_crb_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_crn_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_dra_ooe l5r4_char_sheet_lio_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_man_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_pho_ooe l5r4_char_sheet_sco_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_spi_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_uni_ooe l5r_char_sheet_compl_clan_ooe | l5r_char_sheet_compl_clan_big_ooe Character sheets focused on the imperial families, …