WoD – Character Sheets

I’m not going to lie, I love World of Darkness. It is the first role-playing game that I really got involved in. So naturally, I tried my hands at making character sheets for the game, but I’ve never gotten around to update them. I hope you like them, and I hope I’ll get the drive needed to make new ones, now that it is officially called Chronicles of Darkness, and has a new edition.


wod_vampire_skari | wod_vampire_extskills_skari


wod_mage_skari | wod_mage_skari_altpent




wod_geist_skari | wod_geist_krewe_skari


Character Sheet for standard God-Machine Chronicles update.
wod_gmc_core_v1_skari | wod_gmc_core_2page_skari

And other kinds of characters from various sources.
wod_ghost_skari | wod_innocents_skari | wod_antagonists_skari | wod_slasher_skari

wod_alien_skari | wod_bleedingedge_skari

wod_vampireskills wod_mage_back_2 wod_changeling wod_antagonists

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