Thousand Kingdoms


Thousand Kingdoms


Thousand Kingdoms is possibly my most ambitious attempt at creating a game. The idea started as a dark fantasy genre, but changed into a game that would support any genre and any sort of gameplay. Yet, it was supposed to be super simple and easy to get the handle on.

Needless to say, it has yet to be a success. By the time we started play-testing Thousand Kingdoms, I have made it more complicated than I had wanted, in order to give the players enough support to pretty much play any kind of character they wanted. It had mechanics for different sized characters, multiple limbs, enhanced vision, amphibious characters, lack of limbs, blindness, and more. It also had extensive rules for spellcasting, allowing you to create the spell you wanted from scratch, cast improvised spells or otherwise prepared ones.

Eventually, I figured it was just too much for a game that I wanted to be simple and accessible to everyone, so I decided to work on something else, at least until I got inspired to return to my Thousand Kingdoms project. Today, I have some new ideas I’d like to try out for this game, but no idea should be left to waste. I might present this as something else later on, or at worst, I’ll present this as my greatest failure yet, and allow you to have a pick at it. Maybe you’ll see something that you like.

I did make a pretty sweet character sheet for it…

Thousand Kingdoms
Character Folio A4
Character Folio

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