Nocturnal Heresy

At some point I wanted to make a dark fantasy kind of game, using very simple rules. That idea developed into Thousand Kingdoms, which became not so dark and not so simple. So I shelved that idea and decided to return to my original idea. Dark fantasy game with simple enough rules that you only needed one die, a D12, for all rolls and you could see almost immediately whether you succeeded or failed. This project of mine got the name Nocturnal Heresy.

Now I’ve started working on Thousand Kingdoms again but I did get to a point where Nocturnal Heresy was ready for playtesting. Rather than just put it into a dark corner, I’m making it available for you to read through the playtest file I wrote and maybe even try it out if you’re interested.

The pitch is that you play characters who have necromantic powers, trying to survive the witch hunt being conducted by the dominant religion of solar worshippers. I had everything ready, but I never got the setting to really make sense for me, so it got put on hold.

Nocturnal Heresy

Nocturnal Character Sheet 02 – ES

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