M&M 3rd edition – Character Sheets

The character sheets I made for 3rd edition Mutants & Masterminds were made in different colors and for two different sized paper types. I also made slightly different versions for villain characters.

Letter-sized (8.5×11) character sheets

MnM3rd-v1-ESMnM3rd-v1-PINK-ES | MnM3rd-v1-GREEN-ES

MnM3rd-v1-BLUE-ES | MnM3rd-v1-RED-ES


A4-sized character sheets

MnM3rd-v1-A4-ES | MnM3rd-v1-A4-PINK-ES | MnM3rd-v1-A4-GREEN-ES

MnM3rd-v1-A4-BLUE-ES | MnM3rd-v1-A4-RED-ES


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