L5R – Character Sheets


l5r4_char_sheet_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_big_ooe

Clan-focused character sheets, adding the clan emblem to the sheet.
l5r4_char_sheet_crb_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_crn_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_dra_ooe
l5r4_char_sheet_lio_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_man_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_pho_ooe
l5r4_char_sheet_sco_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_spi_ooe | l5r4_char_sheet_uni_ooe
l5r_char_sheet_compl_clan_ooe | l5r_char_sheet_compl_clan_big_ooe

Character sheets focused on the imperial families,
adding the family emblems to the sheet.
l5r_char_sheet_compl_imp_ooe | l5r_char_sheet_compl_imp_big_ooe

Character sheets for Nezumi and Naga characters.
l5r4_nezumi_sheet_ooe | l5r4_nezumi_sheet_big_ooe
l5r4_naga_sheet_ooe | l5r4_naga_sheet_big_ooe

Credit: These character sheets use the font Wolf’s Rain by Gabriel Beatty

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