Grim Fictions

Grim Fictions

While lying awake one early, early morning, I came up with this new system idea. It was simple enough that I decided to run with it, write out the mechanics real quick,not playtest it before making it public and hope for the best. The mechanics are intended to be simple but rough, allowing you (the Player and the Game Master) to get the hang on it quickly and jump right into a game of gritty feel and grim fates.


The game focuses on Conditions, something that is wrong with the character and causes him to suffer penalties. Conditions are the complicated part of the mechanics since keeping track of what Conditions your character is suffering can become a hassle. For that reason, the character will never suffer multiple penalties at once, but only suffer the worst penalty of the Conditions he has. The worst part of having multiple Conditions is therefore not the penalty but the duration of the penalties suffered.

In addition to Conditions, the character has six Traits which determine the roll. Penalties affect rolls directly but never the Traits. Finally, as an optional rule, characters can also learn certain Skills, which are like positive Conditions in that they offer bonuses instead of penalties.

What is this project?

It is mostly for fun and practice. It is intended to give me writing practice to write my own game mechanics in a way that is understandable to the intended audience. I am also trying to make a gaming “book” that is not only free for everyone to read and play with, and that anyone can see the exact process of creation. The game will be published here for everyone to see, from draft to finish, and I intend to allow for criticism at every step of the process. If you find an error or don’t like a particular mechanic, you will be able to tell me. This allows me to bring in the basic idea but everyone to refine it into a game that we can all enjoy.

I hope that you will enjoy Grim Fictions.

Grim Fictions – Ch1 – Introduction

Grim Fictions – Ch2 – System
Grim Fictions – Ch3 – Conditions
Grim Fictions – Ch4 – Skills
Grim Fictions – Ch5 – Equipment

Character Sheet

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