EX3 – Character Sheet v1

Exalted 3rd edition is finally here! Or well, kinda. People who backed the project on Kickstarter almost 2 years ago (I think) finally got their beta version in November. The game is playable, but still needs some work with spelling and other corrections. One thing I did early was to start looking at the character sheet, as I always do, and start working on my own. I am very pleased with what came out of it, although it is pretty much just a new look for the official sheet found in the book, so there’s nothing really new about it. I am going to expand it though, and keep an eye out for additional combat pages, more detailed social pages, and more.

Exalted3 – v1 – ES | Exalted3 – v1 – BW – ES
Exalted3 – v1 – 4pages – ES | Exalted3 – v1 – 4pages – BW – ES

Exalted 3E-v1 Exalted 3E-

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