EX2 – Extras for v4

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Sometimes I make extra stuff for the character sheet. If you’re printing, you can replace certain pages with these optional ones by skipping the pages you don’t want. Or maybe you just need more pages for your Charms or Sorcery, or you want more details on your Artifacts or what-have-you. In any case, here are some extra pages that you can use to expand your character beyond the normal character sheet.

Exalted v4 – Artifacts and Manses – ES

Exalted v4 – Detailed Info – ES

Exalted v4 – Extra Charms – ES

Exalted v4 – Combo Sheet – ES

Exalted v4 – Array Sheet – ES

Exalted v4 – Sorcery and Necromancy – ES

Exalted v4 – Social Conflict – ES

And below are some pages for the Storyteller
to use for their NPC and Extras.

Exalted v4 – NPC – ES

Exalted v4 – Extras – ES

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