EX2 – Character Sheet v5

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Version 5 of my fan-made character sheets for Exalted 2nd edition was actually never supposed to exist; version 4 was supposed to be the last one before they published Exalted 3rd edition, but the development on the new edition took a lot longer than I thought it would, so eventually I decided to make a new character sheet.

This one is supposed to fit everything into 2 pages, but this being Exalted there’s a lot of stuff to fit there. It is useful for short games and one-shots, and the interactive versions are good for that sort of games, but for longer games I still recommend using the earlier versions I made.

Exalted v5 – SOLAR – ES | Exalted v5 – SOLAR – interactive – ES

Exalted v5 – DB – ES | Exalted v5 – DB – interactive – ES

Exalted v5

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