Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

I’ll admit, at this time I have not yet tried 5th edition D&D. The last edition I played was 3.5 and I had some fun with it. Never really got any interest for 4th edition and was not excited for D&D Next or 5th edition, but from what I hear, 5th edition might be the game to rekindle my interest.

In any case, someone asked me to make a character sheet for them and I did. I made some alterations and made a slightly different version that I could put up on my website for you guys and gals. It is made for letter-sized paper, but I only have access to A4-sized paper, so printing it only provides me with rough estimates of how it’ll turn out. It seems fine, but I was a bit worried about it’s size.

Anyway, here’s the basic sheet. If I ever start playing 5th edition, I might expand on this set one day.

UPDATE: I have started playing D&D 5th edition and decided to recreate the character sheet, and make it a little different. This version uses A4-sized paper, which is more common where I live, but if there is enough interest I will make it available for letter-sized paper as well (which is used in the U.S. for example).

It uses the Dragonbones font and the Polyhedral font by Blambot, which is now my go-to for fonts.

Version 2

DnD5e v2 – ES

DnD5e v2 – 2-pages – ES

Old Version

DnD5e – ES

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