7th Sea Character Sheet

7th Sea 2nd edition is a game from John Wick Presents. It’s about swashbuckling, intrigue, action and pirates. The book has amazing art, but I felt the character sheet was lacking, so I made my own version.

You can read more about 7th Sea and what I thought about it in my review and criticism.


7thSea – Hero Sheet – ES | 7thSea – Hero Sheet BW – ES

7thSea – Dueling Chart – ES – To track your Maneuvers
7thSea – Sorcery Sheet – ES – For all you Sorcerers out there

7th Sea is copyright of John Wick Presents

2 thoughts on “7th Sea Character Sheet

  1. Stefan Reply

    Love these sheets!

    Seeing as they are not form fillable, is there any chance that you would release the files in the programme you used for making them so I can replace my players’ horrid handwriting with typed text? :p
    What DID you use to make them?

    • Óskar Örn Post authorReply

      I use Adobe Illustrator. I’m not overly keen on releasing the files for my projects but I’ll look into making them form fillable.

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