I am an Icelandic individual of the male gender. I’m a role-playing games enthusiast, who finds enjoyment in providing various resources to others so that they can better enjoy the same hobby that has brought me so many joyful hours.

I have been enjoying role-playing games one way or another for over a decade. I am usually the Game Master (GM) as I love coming up with the stories and plots that others get to explore. The character sheets I make are partly to aid me in that hobby, by making the game more accessible.

Here, on my website, I provide you with everything I have to offer. The character sheets I’ve made are all available in my portfolio, as are other tools I’ve come up with. I also share with you my ideas that relate to games, essentially how I GM. These are not just solutions or how-tos, but also things to think about or pitfalls I’ve caught myself in. I like to try different things, and sometimes they work out, but sometimes they don’t.

If you’d like to contact me about a request for a character sheet, or a request for something else that might help while playing your game, or for some other reason, you can fill out the contact form below!