Chronicles of Darkness – Character Sheet v3

I’m still getting used to it being called “Chronicles of Darkness” instead of “new World of Darkness” or just “World of Darkness“.

Anyway, my version 2 sheets will not continue due to the fact that they do not address the biggest problem I have with Chronicles of Darkness character sheets: Specialties. Specifically, room for Specialties. On the official sheets, you barely have enough room to write down one Specialty, and if you plan to have two Specialties in the same Skill, you’re pretty much screwed. I even forgot about Specialties entirely when working on the version 2 sheets.

Version 3 focuses on giving enough room to Specialties, by sacrificing certain other aspects, namely equipment. I personally think equipment and weapons should be secondary in CoD, and I think 1st edition did a great job at that, but also giving them some spotlight in later supplements, such as Armory. I plan on doing a special Combat Sheet for those who want the extra space for all sorts of mayhem, but that will come later.

For now, I have 2 character sheets to present to you: One for Chronicles of Darkness 1se edition (also known as the new World of Darkness), and one 2-page version for Changeling: the Lost 1st edition. The rest will be added later, as they get completed. You can get the PDFs here.

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