7th Sea – Dueling Chart & Sorcery Sheet

Today I have some extra stuff for the 2nd edition of 7th Sea by John Wick Presents:

First, the Dueling Chart. It has all the basic Maneuvers listed, plus room to add your own style Maneuvers. It also has small markers, which you can use to mark which Maneuver you’ve used. Using a token of some sort (like a penny), you can move it around to see which Maneuver you used last.

Second is the Sorcery Sheet, which is difficult to make for universal use. The Sorceries are all different enough so that it is difficult to make one sheet to fit them all, but I hope this is good enough as a start. It has space for 4 Major spells and 9 Minor spells.

Hope you enjoy, and you can find these two new additions on the 7th Sea Resources page.

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