Patreon Villain – The Green Knight

When Morgana le Fay attempted to open a portal to lead her goblin army from Arcadia (the Fairy Dimension) to Earth she first sent one of her trusted knights with an advanced scouting party to secure the portal. This knight is known for his armor, forged from Fairy Metal. The armor seems naturally green, giving him the name “the Green Knight”.

However, when Morgana opened the portal in Avalon Park, they were both met with power ful opposition. The Squire Squad, with the help of the Merlin, kept Morgana from entering Earth, and defeated the Green Knight right after they closed the portal. Afterwards, the Green Knight was imprisoned in the Merlin’s sanctum, where he still remains.

Below is the story (in 2 parts) of how the Squire Squad defeated the
Green Knight and stopped Morgana from invading Earth with her army!



The Green Knight is based on one of the Arthurian legends, the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. In the story, the knight uses magic to stay immortal, and his magical powers have been exaggerated in this villainous version. The Green Knight is barely powerful enough to handle a group of heroes, but too powerful to be taken on by a lone hero.

The Green Knight has abilities based on the one from the story: He is difficult to kill and will draw his enemies to him by openly or subtly challenging them. Leaving the story behind however, his powers include magical blasts of various kinds, and he can form a giant axe (like the one he carried in the story) from magical energy. Since his powers are fairy in origin, they are vulnerable to the purer form of iron.

The Green Knight is fiercely loyal to Morgana le Fay and she has given him specific tasks to complete on Earth: Firstly, make sure no one draws the sword from the stone; second, secure a portal that can bring Morgana to Earth; and third, make sure the Merlin does not intervene. To do this, the Green Knight has various types of goblins and trolls working for him.


Most capers will see the Green Knight doing something to complete one of his missions, likely finding a new portal.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: Scientists in Nova City have successfully created a portal that will allow instantaneous travel between two locations, but the Green Knight sees a different kind of opportunity. Capturing the lab and holding the scientists hostage, he forces them to alter the portal’s frequency to lead into Arcadia.

THE DUEL: The Green Knight challenges one of the heroes in public, making it apparent that he wants an even fight between the two. Of course, the Green Knight has no intention of making this a fair fight and prepares a trap, but the heroes have to let him cheat first or else be viewed as being unfair. What would the media think? If the heroes do not accept the challenge, the Green Knight will force the issue, likely by kidnapping a loved one or threatening the city.

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