Wednesday Villain – Evil Lord Pineapple

Jonathan Platz was a brilliant scientist who worked for a large transport company in Nova City. He was tasked with creating an alternative, power saving method of transportation. So naturally, he was working on means of teleportation.

And he succeeded. Sort of. After numerous tests with living matter, such as fruit, Platz was ready to jump directly to human testing. But something went horribly wrong and the teleportation chamber exploded. Most of the lab was destroyed, Platz’s body was never found and the project was scrapped.

That’s how things were for months, until Jonathan Platz reappeared in the now abandoned lab. Having somehow survived in a weird pineapple dimension, he believed the company that had hired him had intentionally sabotaged the project. Filled with rage, he developed a weapon that draws energy from the dimension where he was trapped and vowed to cause those who betrayed him the same pain as he suffered. He became the Evil Lord Pineapple!

Naturally, no one really took him seriously with a name like that. Slowly but surely, his quest for vengeance became a quest for respect. The name became as important to him as his vendetta.


Evil Lord Pineapple. Image made using the Fábrica de Heróis

The idea for a pineapple themed super villain came as a joke among friends over a pizza that had pineapples. It is quite different from how it was originally, but the fact that Evil Lord Pineapple has a weapon that shoots pineappleblasts still remains close to the theme.

Thematically, Jonathan Platz is a villain that is almost impossible to take seriously, but one that craves recognition. That is why he’ll always correct those who forget the “Evil” in his name (even if he isn’t all that evil). Evil Lord Pineapple won’t kill anyone intentionally. His vengeance is more about ruining the company and the lives of those who run it, but not about killing them.

Even if captured or arrested, Jonathan Platz won’t talk much about his experience in another dimension. Aside from knowing that it has something to do with pineapples, not much is known about what horrors he might have endured.

Even if it is difficult to take him seriously, a GM using Jonathan Platz in a campaign (or a player using him as a PC) might want to remember that Platz is a brilliant scientist. The guy successfully invented a teleportation device, for one, and he even created a device that draws energy from another dimension. If he isn’t taken seriously by the heroes, he is very likely to surprise them with a trap or a second device.


Evil Lord Pineapple is quite driven by both his vengeance and his need for respect. So much, in fact, that it can be used against him. Clever heroes can lure him into a trap or taunt him into rash actions.

Another thing that can be used against him is Platz’s fear of the dimension where he was trapped. If prompted, he might start talking about how horrible it was, without actually giving details about what horrors he did face.


  • THE BIG ONES: It seems like yet another bank heist by the Evil Lord Pineapple, which is his way of funding his vendetta, but something’s different. He explains how the getaway car is fitted with a giant pineapple bomb, big enough to cover several blocks, and there are two other such vehicles driving around the city! Either he gets away with the loot or the bombs will go off.
  • THEY CAME FROM DIMENSION PINEAPPLE: Extra dimensional entities enter into the heroes’ world, causing trouble without any sort of provocation. It is unknown what they’re after, but the portal won’t close and more and more of them keep coming through. They seem to have powers similar to Evil Lord Pineapple’s weapons, suggesting that he might know something about them. The heroes need to find him and convince him of helping them close the portal.
  • TEAM PLAYERS: After failing to beat the heroes, Evil Lord Pineapple puts together a team of crooks with special abilities or skills. Unfortunately, since none of the big shots would take him seriously, Platz is forced to look to similar small fries as himself. Any small time villain that the heroes might have gotten arrested in the past is likely to be recruited, believing in their strength in number. Or perhaps Evil Lord Pineapple has another secret ace up his sleeve.


Here is a character sheet for when you plan on using Evil Lord Pineapple in your M&M3 campaign, made using Hero Lab (which is an excellent tool, by the way).
Evil Lord Pineapple – Wednesday Villain by Emerald Samurai

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