Wednesday Villain – Mephistopheles

Who Mephistopheles was before his first appeared is a mystery that very few people know the answer to. A year back, a small rural town was entirely engulfed in green flames. When the fires stopped, Mephistopheles stood at the center, unharmed.

There are many speculations as to his origins. One is that he is a true demon or devil, or even a lord of Hell. After all, he answers to the name Mephistopheles and the green flames that he controls are referred to a hellfire. Others suggest that a demon named Mephistopheles has possessed a human body, since he does look human. Still others believe it is neither, but the broken mind of a normal person who suffered a terrible awakening into their powers.

What is known is the government’s reaction to this threat: Military attack. Whether or not Mephistopheles would remain dangerous was a question that was never asked. The military attacked, Mephistopheles reacted. Violently. Since then, Mephistopheles has been wanted by the authorities and has become a name to be feared.

Since the initial confrontation, Mephistopheles has mostly stayed hidden. When he does surface, it usually ends badly. On more than one occasion, the military has been left defeated, and even VII has failed to capture him (although they’ve managed to sent him running away).


Mephistopheles is the kind of villain that you could feel sorry for. He did not choose to become a villain, not for greed or pride; he was forced into the role by the government that truly believes that he is dangerous. His primary motivation is rage.
His secondary motivation is his existential crisis. He doesn’t really know who he was before his first appearance in a wave of hellfire. Sure, he has flashes of what he believes is Hell, but is that where he comes from, or just his powers?

His powers reflect his wrath. Mephistopheles can produce and control hellfire, a green flame. What’s more, through his hellfire, he can create hellish weapons and chains, as strong as his will, and he can summon several demonic minions. He is even said to have other abilities (including mind control) but so far there’s been no proof that he has such powers.

Mephistopheles is one of the most powerful and feared character in all of the Zygma World setting.


Mephistopheles’s plot hooks (referred to here as “Capers”) revolve around his mysterious origin as well as motivation.

  • Origins: The heroes are there when it all begins, or they might travel back in time to witness it. Whatever the reason, the heroes are there when Mephistopheles first appears, or are the first ones to the scene to confront Mephistopheles. For time travelers, it is a unique opportunity to shed light onto the villain’s origin (and for the GM to make one).
  • Bat Out of Hell: The stories are true! Mephistopheles is an actual demon, or one possessing a human body. This raises some concern however: It would mean that Hell is an actual place, with more demons and devils just like him.
  • The Devil In Me: Mephistopheles reacts violently when someone even suggests that he has family or friends, but a hero with good insight might notice a hint of sorrow in his anger. When the heroes then happen to find his family, they have a choice to use the family to lure him into a trap or convince him to turn his back on a life of crime and terror.

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