Friday Villains – the Beauty & the Beast


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Anita Bell was only a young girl when she was in an accident that claimed her parents’ lives while travelling through Nepal. Scared and alone, she was saved from the cold by the Sisters of Iron, an organization of assassins and mystics. She grew up in their monastery, trained with them and eventually became one of them and proved to be an exceptional member.

Until the day she went after a target at an abandoned mansion in Switzerland. The target, Vincent Skepna, lived alone there, staying away from civilization because of how he looks. When Anita was about to pull the trigger, she somehow felt pity for the monster, somehow connecting with him.

With time and effort, Anita managed to connect with Vincent. Not having anyone to speak with for a very long time, Vincent felt affection towards Anita and fell madly in love with her. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Sisters of Iron sent another assassin after Vincent, but much to Anita’s surprise, she defended Vincent and saved his life. It was only when Vincent protected her against a second assassin that she saw what Vincent was truly capable of.


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Anita Bell and Vincent Skepna are quite obviously inspired by an old fairy tale (and later a Disney Movie). Anita Bell is the deadly beauty who won’t hesitate in killing targets for whoever pays the right amount of money, or to protect Vincent. Vincent Skepna is a large monster, the raw power that’s been kept at bay out of fear. Vincent is not a killer by nature, but will rip anyone apart who threatens Anita.

They are the two sides of a coin. Anita is finesse and beauty, skilled with weapons and etiquette. Vincent is power and a beast, raging whirlwind of teeth and claws.

As crooks, the pair doesn’t go after banks or jewellery. Anita is a killer, and a good one at that. She gets paid well enough that she doesn’t need to stoop as low as robberies to keep herself and her partner funded. Vincent is her protection, in case things go South, but keeps to the shadows when possible. He still doesn’t want to be seen much.


There are several things that will complicate their seemingly excellent business. First of all, and this applies to both of them, is their affection towards each other. Anita wants to protect Vincent, and Vincent wants to protect Anita. The problem here is that, Anita doesn’t necessarily love Vincent as much as she cares for her own well being. When faced with a choice to save Vincent or herself, guess which one she’ll choose.

But Anita has enemies. She betrayed the Sisters of Iron, and although they aren’t actively hunting her, they are keeping an ear to the ground. If Anita Bell makes an appearance, an assassin is dispatched to investigate and kill her or capture if they get the chance.

There’s also Vincent’s aversion to being seen. It’s no lie that his appearance frightens most people, and he has learned to keep himself hidden, but he feels shame in his appearance and that keeps him from following Anita to certain places.


  • Deadly Dates: A rich bachelor is found dead in his penthouse, torn to shreds, and a large sum of money kept in his safe has disappeared. When the same fate befalls another rich bachelor, also with an emptied safe, it becomes clear that the Beauty and the Beast are in town.
  • The Pits: The Pits is a fighting ring where captured superhumans and monsters (collectively called “freaks” in the Pit) are set to fight each other to the death. Rumour has it that a huge beastman is set to fight there soon. If the heroes have met them before, they’ll know that Anita Bell is likely to attempt a rescue. How many will she kill to succeed and how many will be caught in the crossfire?
  • End of Sisterhood: Vincent approaches the heroes to ask for their help: The Sisters of Iron have captured Anita and he plans to save her. But when the heroes enter the monastery, it turns out that Anita and Vincent have plans to eradicate the Sisters in the process.

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