EX3 – Quick Character Health Tracker Cards

I just added Health Tracker cards for quick characters in Exalted 3rd edition. The idea with these cards is that you can use them to keep track of the Health of multiple characters but keep only one copy of their other traits.

So let’s say you have the traits for a common guard written down somewhere. But then you need to track the Health for 10 guards. It’s easy with the battle group rules, but what if they’re not in a battle group? Such as, if the PCs have already split up, and each of them is fighting off 3-4 guards.

Or if you’re pitting your Exalted heroes against 3-4 Dragon-Blooded unexpectedly, so you’re just using the common traits for one directly from the book. Until you have properly written each down later, you can grab some cards and track their Healths.

You also don’t need to use them as cards; you could just print out the page as a whole. However, if using them as cards, you can lay them out on a map or similar for tactical representation.

The cards also have room to track Willpower, battle group traits, and Initiative. As my patrons, you can find the cards directly here (Quick Character Health Tracker), or you can visit my page for Extra Exalted 3rd stuff.

For the future, I imagine I can and will make similar cards for other games. Hit point trackers for D&D mooks, or similar for Mutants & Masterminds.

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